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Caring For Your New Landscape

Watering new plant material is key to the success of your landscape. It is important to water approximately every other day with a sprinkler for about a half an hour. During the hot summer months you may need to water daily. Keep watering during the fall even when the weather begins to cool off (though you will have to water less). Always be sure that the sprinkler is hitting all the plants with water. With large trees and shrubs it is helpful to place the hose down into the soil next to the plant to insure a deeper watering. Annuals and perennials can be hand watered until the soil looks and feels saturated. You will also need to water more if the plants are located under large trees where the roots are competing for water. Also, don't kill new plants with kindness - yews and evergreens need less water. Feel under the mulch - if the soil is moist don't water any more! Transplants tend to need a little more water. Finally, don't prune shrubs the first year they are planted, they may shock. We also strongly suggest the use of 'Miracle Gro' for all your plantings with the addition of 'Miracid' for all evergreens, Boxwood, Hydrangea, Rhododendron and Pachysandra.

Perennial Garden Care

Newly planted perennials need to be well supervised when they are first planted. The plants will require more care while they become established. Water them by hand or with a sprinkler once a day or every other day depending on the weather conditions. Remember, when perennials are under trees they will always need to be watered, even when it rains. If perennials are along a parkway or have full sun exposure they will always require more water. Removed dead flower heads when perennials have finished blooming. Cut down Hydrangeas and grasses to about 6-8" in the fall or early spring and all other perennials to the ground in the fall. Cultivate your soil at least twice a year. Fertilize with 'Miracle Gro' every other week. This makes an incredible difference in how your garden developes. And one last thing... weed, weed, weed... you will be amazed how fast a perennial garden can turn into a weed garden without proper maintenance.